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MassEnergyInsight is a web-based tool that makes it easy for Massachusetts communities to:

  • Learn about energy use by municipal operations
  • Monitor that energy use and associated costs
  • Plan how to put effective energy efficiency programs in place
  • Communicate their efforts to reduce their community’s carbon footprint and save taxpayer dollars

Free and easy to use

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is making MassEnergyInsight, developed by Peregrine Energy Group, available at no cost to every Massachusetts city, town, and regional entity.

To use MassEnergyInsight:

  1. Get authorized: Authorization is required to access your community's data. Download authorization Guidelines: Word / PDF .
  2. Log in: Visit MassEnergyInsight.net to log in and access MassEnergyInsight.
  3. Watch the training videos: On-demand training videos are available within MassEnergyInsight. Begin with the Getting Started video on the home page, then visit the Videos page in the Support section to learn how to accomplish specific tasks and get the most out of MassEnergyInsight.
  4. Clean up your data: Categorize and align your community’s data by departments and buildings, and fill in any missing data. (NOTE: It may be helpful to prepare in advance by creating a list of all municipal buildings that includes square footage, occupants, and year built.)
    • Raw data from major utilities will already be loaded into MassEnergyInsight for each community.
  5. See results: Use MassEnergyInsight’s intuitive reports to create realistic, targeted programs that effectively reduce your community’s energy use and carbon footprint.



EnergyStar Portfolio Manager integration

  • Get even more from Portfolio Manager data
  • Import Portfolio Manager data into MassEnergyInsight
  • View that data using MassEnergyInsight's graphically based reports
Contact Customer Support to learn more.



  • Measure and benchmark energy use
  • Find energy waste and save money
  • Establish conservation programs
  • Qualify for Massachusetts Green Communities grants


  • EnergyStar Portfolio Manager integration
  • Single location for energy use information
  • Intuitive reports
  • Comparisons across use, emissions, and cost
  • Department, building type, and individual building focus
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