MassEnergyInsight Training

Training resources are available after you get your login within the Support section of MassEnergyInsight. (NOTE: These resources are only available within the Support section of MassEnergyInsight after you log in. They are not available from the Support page of this Web site.)

  • Videos: Learn how to use the system with more than 30 brief training videos in the MassEnergyInsight Support section, each focused on a particular task or feature of the system. Watch them whenever you want, as many times as you need to.
  • FAQ: Browse frequently asked questions for tips and techniques for getting started and using MassEnergyInsight
  • Glossary: Find explanations of frequently used terms, such as the kinds of categories that facilities can have in the system.

Follow the 3 steps below to begin using MassEnergyInsight:

1. Get Authorized

Authorization letters must be on file with the DOER for you to receive your MassEnergyInsight username and password and access the system and the training videos:

  • User authorization letter - required - (authorization guidelines & template: Word / PDF)
  • Data sharing authorization letter - required - (authorization guidelines & template: Word / PDF)

To submit your authorization letters, please contact your local DOER Green Communities Regional Coordinator.

2. Get Started

 a. Log in to MassEnergyInsight
  Visit the home page of Then enter your username and password to log in.
 b. Get a 20-minute introduction to the system
  Watch the Getting Started video for an overview. To find it, first log in. Then look in the right column of the Home page, the page you land on after you log in. Hint: You can get back to that page anytime by clicking Home in the upper-right corner of the screen.
 c. Learn how to accomplish specific tasks
  The Support section offers more than 30 brief training videos to help you learn how to accomplish specific tasks in the system. To find them:
  • Click Support in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Click Videos in the center of the page.
 d. Get to know your data
  • Review your existing data setup.
  • Set up departments and buildings.
  • Match accounts to departments and buildings.
  • Add missing accounts, if any.
  • Load usage data for oil, propane, etc.

3. Get Help

  • For the fastest answers: Visit the Support section and check the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions and the Gossary for definitions of frequently used terms.
  • Still can't find what you need? Contact Customer Support. Click Contact Support in the Support section.
  • Questions about Green Communities? Contact your Green Communities Regional Coordinator.

Download the MassEnergyInsight User Guide (pdf)

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